How It All Started

When our little son Marko started crawling, keeping him comfortable and warm around the house and on the hardwood floor was our top priority, especially during the cold winter months in New England.

Bulky pants with buttons and zippers can be restrictive and inflexible for little crawlers, and elastic-band waists are often too loose and can slip off easily. Then there are the socks… I can’t tell you how many socks have slipped off our son’s feet and gotten lost under the couch or between two cushions.

What can be better to put on a baby than a pair of cozy tights that sit snug on their little butts and legs?

In most parts of Europe, warm, comfortable tights are a popular option for little girls and boys. Yes, boys! Every mom knows how practical and cozy tights can be. Unfortunately, on the American market there are not many boyish tights available to choose from. We didn’t feel like putting on just plain white or solid black tights on our little crawler. Still, we loved the idea of dressing our son in tights that are flexible and easy for him to cruise around the house.

That’s how our idea for “Crawling Crew” was born. Our tights are the first and only tights available on the US market with soft terry lining and anti-slip grips over knee and foot, offering extra cushioning and control while crawling across hard surfaces.

Plus, they're Oeko-Tex® certified, meaning we use only materials that are safe for you, your child, and the environment. Last but not least, we offer an irresistible range of fun, gender-neutral designs your little one will love to slip on.

Enjoy and Happy Crawling!